How Can I Check My CPF Application Status?

Can I do my CPF nomination online?

CPF Nomination Scheme You can make a new nomination online at my cpf Online Services.

You can book an appointment with us through our CPF Appointment Service at the CPF website..

How can I check my CPF nomination status?

CPF Nomination Scheme You can check whether you have made a CPF nomination by viewing your Statement of Account or by logging on to > my cpf Online Services > My Messages. A CPF nomination message will be displayed only if you have made a CPF nomination.

How do I check my CPF statement?

ALog in to my cpf Online Services on the CPF website with your SingPass.Download my cpf mobile app on your mobile devices and log in with your SingPass.Call the CPF hotline (1800-227 1188) and choose the automated statement request option (code 2) to request a copy of your.

How do I find my CPF submission number?

You may apply for a CSN at BizFile+ portal ( immediately after receiving the UEN (Unique Entity Number) from ACRA. Alternatively, you may submit your application using Application for Submitting CPF Contribution Details via our CPF website.

What happens if you don’t nominate CPF?

What happens to my CPF savings if I did not make a CPF nomination? When you are no longer around, we will pay your CPF savings to the Public Trustee’s Office for distribution in cash to your family member(s) in accordance with the intestacy laws or inheritance certificate (for Muslims) in Singapore.