Question: Do And Don’Ts During Rainy Season?

Which drink is good in rainy season?

Tea/Coffee/Milk We all drink either tea or coffee as part of our daily routine but what makes these drinks different in the monsoon season is the use of spices in it.

So, here’s our exclusive tip: add spices like turmeric to your glass of milk and black pepper to your cup of tea..

How can we stay healthy in monsoon season?

Monsoon Health Tips: 10 Simple Do’s and Don’ts to Stay HealthyMaintain Personal Hygiene.Strengthen Your Immunity.Wear Clean and Dry Clothes and Footwear.Clean Home.Drink Boiled Water.Boil Vegetables Properly.Sleep Well.Take Bath on Getting Drenched in Rain.More items…•

Can we eat eggs in rainy season?

Raw eggs, seafood, chicken and mutton are advised to be avoided for health concerns. It is also believed that monsoon is the breeding season for prawns and fish, which is why seafood is avoided during monsoons. Consuming wrong fish can even cause stomach infection.

Which oil is best for baby massage?

The best oils to use during a baby massage — in no particular order — include:Coconut oil. A 2020 medical study found that applying virgin coconut oil on premature newborns helped improve and strengthen their skin. … Almond oil. … Petroleum jelly. … Baby oil. … Shea butter. … Safflower oil. … Grapeseed oil. … Chamomile lotion.More items…•

What happens during the wet season?

In the wet season, air quality improves, fresh water quality improves, and vegetation grows substantially, leading to crop yields late in the season. Rivers overflow their banks, and some animals retreat to higher ground. Soil nutrients diminish and erosion increases.

Which vegetables we get in rainy season?

Here’s a list of vegetables that you can grow in the rainy season:Cucumber.Tomato.Radish.Beans.Green Chillies.Brinjal.Okra.

What food do we eat in rainy season?

Considering that the human digestive system is weak during monsoon, consumption of easily digestible food is recommended. Fruits, vegetables, properly washed green leafy vegetables, pulses, rice are good options for the same.

Can we eat watermelon in rainy season?

Eat more fruits in rainy season as they help build immunity and restore energy. Apple, pomegranates, mangoes and pears are some of the best fruits you could eat. Try avoiding watermelons and muskmelons as they can lead to digestive problems.

Which fruit is best in winter?

The 10 best winter fruits you should eat to stay healthy this seasonGrapefruits. Topping the list of fruits is the sweet, juicy, and delicious grapefruit. … Pears. Pears are not packed with Vitamin C or A or even D, but dietary fiber. … Pomegranates. … Oranges. … Bananas. … Cranberries. … Pineapple. … Persimmons.More items…

What should not eat in rainy season?

It is advised to consume dairy products in moderation during monsoon because the digestive system gets very sensitive, and consuming too much of these products can cause loose motion or digestion issues. Those suffering from sinusitis must stay away from dairy products like curd as it aggravates cough and cold.

How can I protect my baby during rainy season?

How to keep newborn baby healthy and safe during the monsoonsPre-monsoon check. … Consider eco-friendly products. … Ensure clean surroundings. … Check for allergies. … Keep your baby dry. … Protection from mosquitoes.

What are the diseases in rainy season?

10 Most Common Monsoon Diseases. The monsoon season is a respite for everyone as it comes after summers and refreshes everyone. However, we should not forget that it carries with it numerous deadly diseases like Malaria, Cholera, Dengue, Chikungunya and other fatal diseases.

Which hard drink is good for cold?

There’s no real cure for the common cold, but a little bit of whiskey or bourbon (that’s a little bit, we said) could offer some relief. The classic hot toddy, typically made of whiskey, honey, lemon juice and hot water, can subdue the injustices of your inevitable winter cold.

Does rainy weather affect babies?

Don’t let them. A walk in the rain certainly won’t harm your baby, and it might even delight her, expose her to new sights, sounds and sensations and give her a healthy dose of fresh air. The key to enjoying a walk in the rain with baby is doing a little prep work.

How can we take care of our rainy season?

Health precautions for monsoon: 7 tips to stay healthy this rainy seasonUse mosquito nets and repellents. … Drink boiled water and lots of it. … Avoid uncooked food and street food. … Avoid walking in dirty water. … Take bath as soon as you reach home. … Avoid wet walls. … Eat healthy food.

Which fruit is good for rainy season?

Fruits like apples, jamuns, litchi, plums, cherries, peaches, papayas, pears and pomegranates are some of the best additions to your diet in rainy season to improve the immune system.

How can we prevent diseases during rainy season?

During the monsoon, one should take basic precautionary measures to prevent any infection. These include:Be extra cautious of food and water – avoid eating foods or drinking water that has a risk of being contaminated.Be extra vigilant with water, drink only boiled water.More items…•