Question: Is Shimano 11 Speed Compatibility?

Does 11 speed cassette need a spacer?

No MTB cassette requires a spacer, except on 11 speed road freehubs (as you now have).

Road is a bit different – Shimano 10 speed road cassettes need them on 9/10 speed freehub bodies, and SRAM/Shimano 10 speed do on 11 speed freehub bodies..

Which Shimano groupset is best?

Shimano 105 is considered Shimano’s first performance groupset, and for many people it is the best option in combining performance, value and longevity. Ultegra is next and is very similar to Dura-Ace in terms of performance, though Dura-Ace is lighter. You’ll find Ultegra on bikes from around £1500.

Can I change a 9 speed cassette to 11?

If your rear hub is Shimano you might be able to just replace the 9 speed freehub with an 11 speed one by removing the holding tube with a 10mm allen key. You’ll also need to change the axle spacers to suit the wider free hub (ie remove some from the NDS) and re-dish the wheel New 11 speed cassette.

Can I use an 11 speed derailleur on a 9 speed cassette?

No, an 11 speed road shifter has a different pull ratio than an 8, 9 or 10 speed. Any 8, 9 or 10 speed road shifter will work with any 8, 9 or 10 speed road rear derailleur (unless it’s Tiagra 4700). However, the 11 speed road system pulls more cable per shift and therefore is not backwards compatible.

Can you put a 12 speed cassette on a 11 speed hub?

Yes you can run a 9/10/11 & 12 speed cassette on a shimano free hub, a Sunrace 12 speed will fit. XTR 12 speed is completely different setup!

Are SRAM and Shimano 11 speed cassettes interchangeable?

Compatibility between different drivetrains SRAM and Shimano cassettes, on either road or mountain bike, are interchangeable with each other as the spacing is the same between the sprockets. However, Campagnolo road cassettes will only work with Campagnolo drivetrains.

Can I use a 10 speed crankset with 11 speed?

You can certainly use a Shimano 10-speed double crank and chainrings with Shimano 11-speed chain, derailleurs, shifters and cassette, however.

Are 10 and 11 speed chains the same?

Registered. Not only are they not the same, but the while everyone’s 10 speed chains are compatible, the SRAM 11 speed MTB chain is different than SRAM 11 speed road chains. Shimano 11 speed MTB cassettes can fit on 8/9/10 speed hubs.

Are all 11 speed cassettes compatible?

When SRAM entered the road groupset market in 2006, it decided to adopt Shimano’s specifications for its chains and cassettes. As a result, the chains and cassettes from the two brands have always been completely interchangeable for any given type of transmission (e.g. 11-speed).

Can you mix Shimano groupsets?

If 9 speed or below, you can mix anything Shimano, as long as you keep the same speed specification (that is, 8 speed stuff with 8 speed stuff, 9 with 9, etc.). Only exception is front derailleur and shifter which are either road or mtb specific.

Can I replace a 10 speed cassette with an 11 speed?

Luckily, many common and not-so-common wheelsets, as long as they’re at least 10-speed, can be upgraded to 11-speed by purchasing a new cassette body. The body is the part that attaches to the center of the hub and drives the wheel and bike when you pedal.

What is the difference between a 10 speed and 11 speed chain?

Chains for 11-speed systems are around 5.4mm wide on the outside, vs. around 5.9mm wide for 10-speed ones, so that’s 0.25mm narrower from the center of the cog tooth to the end of the chain pin on each side. That’s not enough to likely even be noticeable in any difference in how it passes through the jockey wheel cage.

Is Shimano Deore better than Alivio?

Alivio is only one step down from the more well-known groupset Deore (M6000), which appears on entry-level racing mountain bikes all over the world. As one might expect, it’s a little bit better again relative to Acera and the groupsets further below. Smoother, faster, slightly more reliable – you get the idea.

Is SRAM better than Shimano?

Shimano and SRAM both make quality products, but their approach and styles are different. Looking at the current component landscape, it can be said that Shimano is generally the more conservative of the two. Over the last decade, SRAM has pursued drivetrain innovation more aggressively.

Can you use an 11 speed derailleur?

the 10 speed and 11 speed derailleurs are interchangeable as far as the shifters go, the difference is that a 10 speed derailleur doesn’t like a cassette cog much bigger than the 36t it was designed for, where the 11 speed derailleurs are designed for 40 and 42t cogs, and seem to be able to handle bigger.