Question: What Message Is The Author Trying To Convey In The Story The Remarkable Rocket?

Was the rocket truly remarkable support your answer with examples from the story?


Explanation: The rocket in one way can be said that he is remarkable because he is form a remarkable and famous/popular family of rockets, as he himself says that he was a very remarkable Rocket, and come of remarkable parents..

Why did the rocket cough?

It came from a tall, supercilious-looking Rocket, who was tied to the end of a long stick. He always coughed before he made any observation, so as to attract attention. ‘Ahem! … As soon as there was perfect silence, the Rocket coughed a third time and began.

What were the three stages of the wedding ceremony?

Most marriages go through at least three distinct stages: 1) romantic love, 2) disillusionment and distraction, and 3) dissolution, adjustment with resignation, or adjustment with contentment (Larson, 2003). Stage 1 typically occurs prior to marriage and within the first several years after couples tie the knot.

Was the rocket truly remarkable?

To put this more explicitly, the rocket is not remarkable, and in fact, the story isn’t even really about him. It’s about the prince and princess, and all the other fireworks, and all the animals who interact with the rocket, plus the two boys who show up at the end of the story.

What happened when the fireworks begin in the remarkable rocket?

Answer. To prove his sensitivity, the Remarkable Rocket bursts into tears before he is lit and is too damp to catch fire. … Much to his indignation, they place him on their fire. Eventually he dries off enough to ignite and explode.

Why did the speaker call the rocket bad?

b) The speaker called the rocket bad because he was crying and due to that he became wet and damp and was not set off on the day of the fireworks.

What happened when the fireworks begin?

Answer. Answer: Sometime during the period 600-900 AD, legend has it that a Chinese alchemist mixed potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal to produce a black, flaky powder – the first “gunpowder”. This powder was poured into hallowed out bamboo sticks (and later stiff paper tubes) forming the first man made fireworks.

What was the difference in opinion between the rocket and the squib?

Squib – ait is someone who born into a wizarding family but hasn’t got any magic power. Kind of the opposite of muggle born wizards . Rocket – A rocket is a missile, spacecraft, aircraft, Or other vechiles that obtain thrust from a rocket engine. It is used for military and recreational uses.

What are the characteristics of the remarkable rocket?

Although he believes he is sympathetic and virtuous, in actuality he is haughty, arrogant, and condescending. The Rocket is certain that he is destined for greatness, but he has not yet been set off and is anticipating his entrance into public life and the magnificent impression that he is sure he will create.

What were the three stages of the wedding ceremony in the lesson the remarkable rocket?

Answer: The three stages of the wedding ceremony were a state banquet, a ball and fireworks.

Why was the remarkable rocket proud of his parents who were they?

Answer: Ans. The parents of the Remarkable Rocket were Catherine Wheel,who danced very gracefully while his father, a rocket was a French. The Rocket flew so high that people thought he would never come down again,but he did,in a shower of golden rain that had the newspapers calling it a triumph of pyrotechnic art.

What is the moral of the story The Remarkable Rocket?

Pride, Arrogance, and Delusion In “The Remarkable Rocket,” Wilde warns against the effects of a wildly inflated ego. The eponymous Rocket, who has been set up to honor a royal wedding, believes himself to be the most important and admirable individual who has ever lived.

How does Wilde suggest the remarkable rocket’s lack of self knowledge?

A Roman Candle warns him that he would be well advised to keep himself dry; the Bengal Light agrees saying that this is only common sense. According to the author this sends the Rocket into a rage as he rails against the accusation of being “common” and counters that no one can appreciate his emotional nature.

Was the remarkable rocket a success?

When the fireworks began Remarkable Rocket continued to cry but the other fireworks were let off one by one to a remarkable display. … The Remarkable Rocket was not a success. After he had been thrown into a ditch and found by some little boys, he was placed on top of the fire, they had built, to help it blaze higher.